Purchasing Audit
Purchasing is an important part of sales value

Not only commercial but also manufacturing and service companies buy much. Often more than one realizes. A ratio of 50% of the sales invoices turnover is not uncommon. Increasingly services are purchased that are part of the service to customers. Also more and more companies focus on specific target groups, which sets new demands..

Whether facilitating goods, services, temporary employees or products, many companies do not have a purchasing department. People in different departments are in addition to their primary work also in charge of purchasing and procurement. After some years there is much potential for improvement, easily to be identified and realised with a clear purchase policy.

Complex balancing of various objectives

In the purchasing process are common objectives addressed that are important to the success of the company, such as purchase rates & volume, quality, supplierdependency, administration, contract management, procurement. There should be an optimal mix of goals always. It is desirable that all disciplines have a role in purchasing, however, this can cause unintended deviations from targets. And, over time, objectives should be tightened.

Targeted purchase is visible directly in quality and cost statistics

Tannhäuser can help you quickly to identify the actual purchasing and ordering process within your organization, and adjust it to the current corporate standards, and calculate the improvement potential. This is quickly profitable.
We work with the individual modules Purchasing QuickScan (1 day), Purchasing Audit (3-5 days), Implementation & Coaching (customization).
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