"Audit catches and leads to action"
[Mediq] The audit is valued highly in all aspects. The dispatches and presentation are good; over 80% of the clients say they will undertake actions.
Supply Chain & Purchasing
Supply Chain Management

Tannhäuser can provide someone to fulfil the role of Supply Chain Manager on an interim basis following, for example, the sudden departure of your existing manager, a merger or the hiving off of part of the company, or when a different policy has to be implemented. We are quite at home with all kinds of logistics and almost every sector imaginable. We have extensive experience with the implementation of business balance score cards, enabling you to monitor your supply chain transparently. When supply chains are integrated, we have also had a lot of success with supplier collaboration.

Process Improvement

We would be happy to perform a thorough analysis for you to eliminate waste in your organisation. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can usually indicate a variety of opportunities for improvement in such matters as lead time reduction, stock reduction and customer satisfaction.

Purchase Management & Strategic Purchasing

Tannhauser delivers purchasing managers, who can lead and improve the buying department of medium and large organizations. There is also considerable expertise in choosing, designing, capturing and maintaining the optimal form of cooperation in the chain.


Within the frameworks of strategic sourcing and procurement, it is important to make good use of operational best practices and the parameters and reports of in-service systems.

Are orders are well established and followed, do we  know the supplier and is there a regular check on performence. Matches the purchase period, order and inventory flexibility with the needs of sales and production. If procurement is in control, it benefits the overall business efficiency and profitability.