Stock Audit
'Get your money out of the shelves!'
Stock Issues are always the same

Which warehouse has no potential for improvement in terms of capital investment and space? What is the frequency of moving rate reporting? What is your servicelevel to customers? Which slow movers should be depreciated because they don't move at all for a long period? What is the cost effect of accepted errors of our suppliers?
The inbound and outbound flows receive daily a lot of attention. But KPIs related to out of stock, returns and the reasons why, often triggers for improvement, get less focus. Reduction of costs and risk result in pure profit for a company. Just do it.

Where to start?

Actually we turn it around. Not the action, but the objective to be achieved is our focuspoint. For example, reducing capital requirements. What actions have favorable effects on specific issues? Some actions improve several things in one time, and often there also behaviour, reporting and discipline aspects need to be addressed first.

It matters

Tannhauser thinks that improving supply chain problems often have limited 'sensitivity' and can be done without fuss if communicated clip and clear. We have a quick method to identify overstock. We analyse the warehouse, and determine which actions will have the most effective impact on the main improvement areas.