Cashflow Audit
Where is the money?

The cash flow audit analyzes where the money of the organization is invested in, whether it is a conscious choice and whether this is in line with the current management policy.

Cash flow policy is essential for Company Success

Without conscious guidance, there would be much capital in stocks and property, while the payment of customers and suppliers don't match with each other and with he day to day operation.
The mismatch goes quickly to 10 percent of sales, so it is serious money, sometimes the difference between interest paid or interest received.
Especially with the current restrictueve lending policies of banks, it is good to check for what reason and at what costd the money is invested.

From audit to action

Depending on the situation of the company and the standards of management, the standard for the optimal utilization of the own resource will be defined. A plan to move into the endsituation is developed too.

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