"Excellent team players communicating clearly"
[ALCOA] “Tannhäuser has got excellent consultants, with a strong functional drive, excellent team players communicating clearly.”
ERP & BI Implementation
Software Selection & Contracting

Tannhäuser has executed process analysis, package selection, contracting and implementation projectsprojects in the industry, retail, healthcare & pharma. We help you in the transition to a more appropriate system and convert your the data into powerful management information. Successful implementation results in error reduction, faster identification of opportunities and defects greatly increased efficiency.

These know how includes the regular packages Oracle, SAP, Navision & Axapta, including additional workflow and reporting packages like Qlickview and interfaces.

ERP Implementation & Parameter Optimization

The right hand of the ICT Manager is a role, the Tannhäuser consultant performs well. A major and independent chain between the key users of the client organization and implementation consultants and developers of the package supplier. In larger organizations, the implementation of an enterprise-wide package is so radical that the IT manager can not do this next to his regular role. Also, total outsourcing of implementation, development and project to the package supplier is not always a good solution.

Tannhauser can also execute a parameter analysis of the in-use ERP and provide an optimization advice. The fact is that the company and environment changes over time, and the ERP is not always quickly adaptable. Over time this leads to unwanted process steps, long lead times and inventory while many reports do not match the daily information needs.

Business Intelligence & KPI's

Business Intelligence unlocks the data from one or more ERPs in use for specific departments or business units, and creates information on multiple levels.

Functionally important is to know the information requirements of the different user groups, and to provide to them clear KPIs and reports, preferably with options to zoom. There are also good alert tools that proactively communicate deviations from the standard KPI immediately after signaling, so the organization can act quickly on opportunities and risks.

Technically there should be established links between packages and databases, with a well tuned frequency and error handling.