Supply Chain Audit
Focused and Flexible

Supply Chain Management is about improving the coordination of processes between the customer, the supplier and your own company processes. This facilitates the optimization of your own added value and the whole chain, while negative chain effects are contested.

Systematic Check

The audit is a systematic check of the contracts and other existing policies of customers, the organization and suppliers. ADo the agreed delivery times, the possibilities for change orders, warranties regarding the delivery match?
Are the strategic risks clear and covered?
How is the operational performance of suppliers, the organization and the customer? Are there reliable plans and agreements concerning the mutation of is?
Are the ERP systems of each link in the chain in control?
Is Reported regularly regarding the supply chain and the known imbalances, are there recent scenario analyzes in place to determine the sensitivity for major changes / issues to the customer, the organization or the supplier?

Issue management and structural improvement

After the analysis to follow recommendations based on best practices, both about quick fixes for urgent issues as a global approach to a structurally higher level of ketenbeheering to come.

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