Many branch-competences meet in the audit, the powerful and practical tool for continuous systematic improvement of every activity, every process and every partnership. Planning, implementation, monitoring and goal adjustment, it happens everywhere and largely unconscious. It is the art, to organize questions and reporting, with a minimum time spent for auditor and performer, quickly clear view on the daily business and in combination with the immediate improvement potential and the possibilities of great quality , revenue or efficiency jumps.


Standardization and quantification improvement potential
Tannhauser understands this art. Based on business vision and policy, legislative and best practices specific questions are formulated in the audit. The result is quantified in savings or profit potential, and illustrated graphically related to equal the best performer.

Step by step realisation

Then there is a practical do-it-yourself plan, to implement in 4 steps of one quarter the most obvious improvements. This is 80% of the efficacy already achieved.In addition, key indicators are included in the regular business reporting, so they are not easily forgotten and a continuous improvement process is started The process objective and the improvement potential are so tangible and challenging that many improvements are actually made and durable.