ERP Parameter Audit
ERP's necessary for daily management

Companies cannot without an ERP for the systematic recording of transactions, managing capacity and money, linking all departments and reporting. After the introduction, a large number of operational errors will no longer be made and changed policies or customer behavior in various areas will be directly visible by standard reports.

Parameters are not regularly updated

The strength of the parameters and operational connected departments, is also the weakness of the system.

The fact is that the environment and the company itself changes over time, and the ERP is not always quickly adjusted. Reason is lack of knowledge to set parameters properly or no knowledge of the effects of parameter settings. Also, in many customized applications, the interaction parameters are no longer clear and managers are afraid to change them at all.

Over time, this leads to a multitude of unwanted quick fixes like additional process steps, long lead times, too much stock and numerous reporting not connected to the daily information need.

Focused approach

Depending on the question of the organization and the existing issues, a systematical analysis of the settings of a function or between modules or packages makes sence. Experience shows that with the own package and without significant investment, often large savings can be realized. Just do it!