Our Vision

A good project manager has both feet firmly planted in society. He knows how to move with ease between various people, organisations and organisational cultures. In that way he is able to get the best out of each individual. Based on the knowledge that organisations are continuously subject to change, he is able to apply ‘quality thinking’ in a practical manner at any given moment.



We actively encourage our employees to take on some serious voluntary work. This can be at operational or administrative level, in a field that interests them. Not only is this a means by which our employees can achieve personal growth, it is also Tannhäuser’s contribution to the creation of a tolerant and colourful society. This is a prime condition for the functioning of Tannhäuser and the welfare of our employees.

Tannhäuser employees can submit a request for a donation to an organisation of their choice, drawn from their own share of the revenue. Tannhäuser may even double the donation if the joint consultants see a reason to do so.


Idealistic organisations

Ideal organisations that distribute a periodical publication or focus on their target groups by means of campaigns are eligible for an image or recruitment advertisement or advertorial.

You can submit requests for sponsorship via a project manager with whom you are acquainted or by applying directly here under the heading of Sponsorship request.