Tannhäuser: a partner that organisations are keen to have

Tannhäuser Project & Interim Managers supports and gives guidance with change processes in companies and organisations. Based on a solid background, our interim managers work to bring improvements specifically geared to your organisation. This could mean the implementation of a financial, logistical or ICT policy, or analysing, reorganising or automating processes and systems.

Senior project managers who can cover a wide variety of fields

Tannhäuser’s employees are its prime resource. All of them have at least 5 years’ experience. Their roots are in the field of business economics. They can fulfil a wide variety of roles – as interim managers, project managers, business consultants, auditors, coaches or trainers. We always have someone with the right professional know-how to guide your project.


We strive to offer tailored solutions, so we also have a keen eye for the ‘soft’ elements in your organisation. Ultimately, your employees are the foundation on which changes are based! We also involve your employees in the change process from the first moment. That means you can rest assured that transformation processes will continue even after we have departed.


Specialists in change processes

We assist with the change processes that (may) arise as soon as a new course is adopted. We leave the strategy development itself to you. For us, this is a conscious decision; after all, you know your own organisation best! And if your organisation suddenly comes up against an unexpected workload, we are always happy provide the necessary professional manpower.


Always with a personal touch

Since 1992, Tannhäuser has been a much-desired partner in national and international business. We maintain very close relations with most of our clients. You can also see that from the events that we organise. However, we are also keen to connect our name with special activities; just one of the ways of showing that we are fully involved in society!


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