"Ample experience, overview and management skills are key to success"
[BOUWFONDS] “Tannhäuser Interims are characterised by giving a quick insight and implementing its results thoroughly. Their ample experience, overview and management skills are the key to success in this.”
Pharma & Hospital Efficiency
Pharma Supply Chain Optimization

Tannhauser provides 3 services, delivered by a team of experienced pharmacists and sr supply chain, performance and ICT experts.

The Pharma Supply Chain Optimization Audit, shows exactly where in the chain of production from Plant to Patient value is added. And where you can save or improve the process. For each part of the chain, several alternatives will be developed with the aspects  cost, revenue, time and complexity.

It is usefull for policy makers of governments, industry associations and major players in the supply chain as an international producer, retail chain, agent or wholesaler. Request our brochure.

Lean Process Scorecard

"Building a bridge while walking over it" is only possible if simultaneously there is a clear vision, leadership, trust and team spirit.
Tannhauser has successful experience and knowledge to be able to optimize your business processes. Based on proper alignment to customer needs, professional standards and the vision of the management. The Balanced Scorecard and Lean techniques are applied by experienced professionals and this know how will be transfered to the employees of the client during the project. The service has been developed for the larger organization such as the hospital, wholesaler, central purchasing organization, the agent and producer. Request our brochure.

Pharma Dispensing Robot Selection

To be "In control" is key is in the hospital pharmacy and larger community pharmacy! A dispensing robot can provide good services, to combine high speed and minimal errors during dispensing medicines to patients. The exact stock is known every moment, expiration dates are controlled, labor costs are lower and the patient queue drops sharply.
Currently there are at least 15 robotic dispensing solutions available from producers in Europe, USA and Australia. Tannhauser can advice you to select the best fit based process, volume, ICT and regional aspects (labor, maintenance). We are independent. Request our brochure.