"The customer didn't notice anything of the SAP implementation"
[SPA] Logistics have not been disturbed at any moment during the transition from the old system to SAP per January 1. Despite this enormous change, the turnover has grown substantially and many commercial campaigns have been processed well. Many of our biggest customers complimented us upon this achievement.
Audits & Quick Scans

Many branch-competences meet in the audit, the powerful and practical tool for continuous systematic improvement of every activity, every process and every partnership. Planning, implementation, monitoring and goal adjustment, it happens everywhere and largely unconscious. It is the art, to organize questions and reporting, with a minimum time spent for auditor and performer, quickly clear view on the daily business and in combination with the immediate improvement potential and the possibilities of great quality , revenue or efficiency jumps.

Standardization and quantification improvement potential
Tannhauser understands this art. Based on business vision and policy, legislative and best practices specific questions are formulated in the audit. The result is quantified in savings or profit potential, and illustrated graphically related to equal the best performer.

Quick Scans


The Quick Scan is a quick global investigation that can be done in a few hours and will be reported after a few days. For a specific function such as purchasing or stock in a specific environment as a pharmacy, wholesaler, or educational institution, this can be done based on limited specific KPI's and their value. Based on the outcome, an in this domain experienced consultant can provide a rough calculation of the  quality and cost of potential. He also can decide if a full audit makes sence.

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