We attach a great deal of value to a lasting relationship with the client. For that reason, we keep in contact even after an assignment has been completed. We don’t do that only in our own interest. If another situation should arise in which our expertise is required, the client can quickly turn to us. The project can then often be initiated without delay.


Every year we organise a grand client event. Apart from being enjoyable, unusual and spectacular, these events also offer clients plenty of opportunities to extend their own networks.

Fip Centennim 2012

The FIP is a congress for pharmacists including an trade exhibition. Every year more than 5,000 pharmacists from all over the world meet and inform each other about the new aspects of the discipline. An accent this year was the pharma supply chain.


Tannhauser offers 3 services:
1. pharma supply chain optizimization. Request our brochure for governments and policy makers agents and wholesalers
2. lean process scorecardRequest our brochure for hospital pharmacists, wholesalers, retail chains and producers.
3. pharma dispensing robot selectionRequest our brochure for hospital pharmacists and larger pharmacies
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Waterproof audit 2008

With our Tannhäuser events, we try to offer not only an enjoyable and dynamic way to keep in touch, but also a link with the reality of day-to-day business. In 2006 we were sailing along nicely with a following wind. In 2007, however, we already had to trim our sails. But in 2008, many of us literally went under. The Dow crisis followed a week later... It is getting serious. Are we prepared for the storm? Tannhäuser events: only for the daring. Click here to view photos of the event.


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Sailing Event 2007

In 2007, a genuine sailing race for 50-foot racing yachts was held on the Markermeer. The atmosphere, brilliant sunshine and good organisation made this event an outstanding success. Click here to view photos of the event.

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Ballooning Event 2006

In 2006, a remarkable ballooning event took place near Soest. Guests made an unforgettable journey in a number of balloons. Click here to view photos of the event.

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